Writing tip #1- Why am I writing?

Are you looking for new hobbie? Maybe you want to get some money as freelancer? Do you want to create your own world, or tell your story? Whatever your answer might be, the first thing you need to know is why are you writing. There is no wrong answer.

Before you get started, take a seccond to yourself and think. the writing process is exhausting. You always grow as a writer. You can either give yourself seccond, or a day. Think if you really want to write. Think if it’s really pays well. Think if you get the satesection you entered for. Ask yourself whether you think you can make it. Here some things you might consider:

  • Do I really got the time to write?
  • How many words I’m willing to write a day?
  • What do I want to write? (Short story? A poem? An article?)
  • Am I writing for my satifection, or for others plesure?
  • Do I have an idea or message that I need to share?
  • Can I commit myself that I’ll write everyday?
  • Am I accept the fact that writing is hard?
  • Can I accept the fact that my first projects won’t be as good as I imagined?

Had you consider all of that, or some of the questions? Good. Are you still wish to write? Impresive. Now it’s time to really get starting, so put your self doubt and worries aside, take a deep breath and write down your first page. Until your first draft is finished, shut off your mind and use only your emotions.

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