Behind The Story #1- My book

I’m a soldier in IDF.

Let’s leave our political views aside for a second. If you live in Israel and you are Jewish, when you turn 18 you join the army. My part is in human resource, working with the reserve corps, office work and the military base located two hours away from my home. I ride a bus or train (depend on the day) everyday.

And it’s boring.

Ever since my bat-mitzvah I run my writing blog in Hebrew, and published short fanfics on So when I looked for something to do every day on those rides, my first idea was to write on my Smartphone. One page turn to ten, then twenty, and then more, and suddenly I realized that the one thing I’m waiting for everyday is those rides. One month after I started the first draft was complete, and now my book was born.

Want to share how your book was born? Send me on e-mail your story and a link to your book.

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