Writing tip #2- How to start writing

So you’ve decided that you want to write. Great! Now how are you going to do that? You have no idea. Whether you decided today that that’s what you want, or if you tried over and over to get past your fist page, there are some tips that if you won’t follow you might find yourself stuck over and over.

So how are you start writing? Here are my tips:

  • Set yourself a date to finish: when you have no clear date, it’s easy to tell yourself: “Writing can wait, I have so many important things to do”. If you plan when are you finish writing, you’ll be more focus on writing more often.
  • Commit to one device: some writers use their tablets, some writing on their notebook- I personally love writing on my smartphone. Once you chose your writing tool, keep it around you and try to write only on it.
  • Dedicate a time every day to writing: I’m not saying that you do should write every day, but make sure that every day there is one hour for your chose that you can write. Make sure this is an hour that you know you can stay focus on!
  • Do not doubt yourself: There is no such thing perfect first draft. You always have something you need to change. But unless you feel stuck and want to change something in the plot to match the progress of your story, try not to rewrite your story until you finished.
  • Enjoy writing: that is the most important tip of all! Drink cola/coffee/tea/other liquid for your choice. Eat chocolate after 500 words you written. Listen to music while writing. Make sure that you enjoy while you writing!
  • Just do it: Don’t find yourself excuses. Log out of any social media, lock the door, and just do it. You can search all day to find the perfect recipe to writing, but at the end of the day it is up to you whether you’ll write or not.

What are yours best tips to start writing? Write down in the comment.

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