Books Review #1- Pet Sematary

Next week the new adaptation for Stephen King’s famous horror novel is coming to screen. If you are fans of the genre you probably remember the original film, and hopefully you also gave the book a try.

The plot itself is really good: a new family who comes to a new place (of course), very close to a coursed pet cemetery (or “sematary”, since those who gave the place it’s name were children). Not the most original idea, but the pet twist works well.

The story was longer than I had expected (poor Gage, he mst bare a half of the story) but the build up of the story is great. I liked the story of Rachel’s sister, Zelda but I could enjoy the book without it since she doesn’t really effect the story aside from make Rachel traumatize. Overall the story is not about a monster who comes to life and kills whoever is crossing it’s way: there is no the regular structure of hero messing up-> monster come to life-> evil dead. The whole story is more of an exposition of how the last monster comes to life, and how Louis loose his sanity.

Personally, I loved the story. It was fun to read, and despite the fact that over 35 years have past, the book is still fun to read. Before you watch the movie, I recommend you’ll go read the book.

Confession: I read the book in Hebrew.

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