Writing tip #3- How to find ideas

So, everything is set. You cleared your next five hours or more, you bought a new notebook, created new doc on Office Word and you ready to write your story. Except that you have no idea what to write about. We all get’s witing blocks from time to time, and everyone has their on way to deal with those. There are so many ways to get new ideas:

  • Leave your house: I believe that to get inspiration you must go outside, stay active hang out with people and see more stuff. If you’ll isolate yourself in one place you probably won’t get as inspired as you wish. I personally try to hang out with friends at least once a week and work out twice a week, and when my body is active- so does my mind.
  • Read different kinds of books: Reading does not only improve our skills as writers. To be exposing to different books, means to be expose to different ideas. If you’ll read different authors works you’ll find differentideas that you might never have come up with if you stuck with what you like to read. Go to the nearest library, find a book that you think is different from what you usually read and give it a shot (but if there is a specific genre that you want to write about, you might better stick with those books)
  • Writing prompts: Ok, this might be a cheaters way, but if you writing the first draft there is nothing wrong with it. Start your story with a deluge line you found, or start the first draft with idea you found on pinterest can help you. If you want, you can involve different kinds of prompts.
  • Watch movie trailers: The film industry today tries to seduce you by giving you their best parts already in the trailers. Find a trailer for a movie that you hadn’t watch, chose yourself a second from the trailer and start writing on that. Since a movie trailer gives you barely a taste from the full movie, you can easily find idea from one short scene. Just remember not to copy the entire film!
  • Scroll around Pinterest: Finding insperetion from pictures is probably one of the most famuse mathed in the book. On pinterst you can find so many diffrent story insperetion pictures, and even start a board where you keep the picture you find most inspiring.

What is your best way to find new ideas? Share down below.

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