Characters #2

Let’s talk about motives. Why does your character does what they are doing? What is thier logic? What kind of rules your character follow?

To find your character motive is more important than you think, because if you find the wrong one your character won’t fit the story. Humans are often drived by their emotions, and if you find a motivation that might appeal to their logical side- but not their emotinal one- they might won’t enjoy the story.

So how to find the right motivation?

1. Think about the character past: what happend to your hero on their past? How is it affect the hero now?

2. Think about your character’s traits and inner thoughts: what are the guide lines of the character? What does he/she think?

3. Concider the chances: What are the risks? Will your character feel like they are achiving something by doing what it is they up to?

4. Think about their final goal: Is their goal serve only themselves? If so, does your character selfish, or trust only themselves? If not, why would they risk helping someone else?

5. Think about the envirment: Is someone from the character close friends push them to act? Is it comes from inside? How does the froends and family effect the character?

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