21th Century Readers

Every story needs listeners, whether those are 12 years old girls or 86 years old man. As a writers and authors, we have the need to give them a piece of our inner world in a way only we can. We want them to share our dreams, to see what we imagine.

The 21th century readers are diffrent from the readers who once were. Thanks to the technology revolution, the readers have changed in several ways:

Vision– The readers today scroll at pinterst, they watch tv and movies. If in the past they needed the help of the writer to imagine the character, today they are rather to imagine the haracter they read about. They like to know just what’s effect the story.

So as a writers- Whether you think that you must a phisical description or not, make sure not to over write descriptions. The 21th century readers can enjoy your story without to know what shade of blue is the table.

New prespactive– The 21th century readers are chasing after the new. It is so easy to be emotinaly touched in the new world, to find hard breaking story after another on the news. They like new ideas more than anything.

So as a writers- we are expected to give them original story, one that they had never read before. But even as a writers, are imagination skills are limited. Therefore you don’t need to think about new and original story idea everytime, but more importanly to think of a new way to tell the story, a way that might give them the new prespactive they want in diffrent way. Everyone had read an high-school romance at least once, but I never read a story about a high-school couple that is been told from the pov of the table they sit at class.

Contact– There are so many new ways to stay in touch in the 21th century. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, simple E-mail. Try to imagine ‘The Shadow Of The Wind” today- can you? We are much involved in the new world to not be pressent. And the readers wants to know about us.

So as a writers- no suprise, we expected to stay in contact with the readers. Let them know where they can find you, and that you want to stay in contact with them.

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