Character #3

Let’s talk about personality traits. Every good character has at least one personality trait that the readers can easily noting. Take “Me Before You” for example (No spoilers!) Will is bitter from the very start about his physical condition.

Personality traits can tell us how the character we read about will interact with thier environment: If the character we read about is a cowerd, for example, than we expect that when something scary will happend the character will be scared. The personality traits of your character can be reviele to the reader from the way they are act as the story goes, and/ or you can show those traits the more the story goes.

How many personality traits should you write about? That’s depend on your story lengh. For longer stories you can show more traits, but for short stories one or two are enough.

Personality traits can be either positive, or negative. Positive traits might be: Loyal, kind, pure. Negative traits can be: Mean, lazy, sarcastic.

Most aothors would like to give their heros positive traits to make them likeable, and negative to make them unlikeable- Do keep in mind that a character with likeable traits does not necessary be likeable! In fact, the more positive traits you give your character they might become ulikeable. To create a good personality trait for your character, you might want to base it on someone you know well. Write about the belance between those two for more complex and likeable characters.

Exercise: Write a story about one page long. In your story, tell about a charcter with one or two personality trait without saying specificly the trait. Give the story to a friend and tell him to name the charact’s personality trait.

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