Character #4

The last thing that I believe that every character needs is long term goal. The goal of your character is the idea that all along the story they have wanted to achive, a desire that we as a readers wanted to achive with them. Most of the goals would be fullfilled or be missed at the end of your story. For example: a dancer who desire to be exepted to a dance academy.

As a reader, we want to understand why the hero have those goals. If your motive won’t be strong enough, we won’t care if the character would win or not. No one wants a diva bitch with a soppurtive family and too much self asteem to be exeptec into dance academy (In books! Real life are other topic). Everyone would be happy if the shy girl who follows her dead mother path would be exepted.

How to find the right goal for your character?

Keep the goals reliable: I think we all agree that most people wouldn’t relay to a kid who dreams to cook the perfect chiken. However, a kid who dreams to win a cooking competition is much more reliable goal. Everyone remebers at least one competition that they have desired to win, and as a reader we would be more intresting in the plot if we’ll read about something we can see ourselves in it.

Keep it believable: As much as we all think that the teacher from school lives to make our life a living hell, a character that her only goal is to make our hero misserble is a week character. People are often very much alike others. We are more simillar than we would like to think. Keep writing on a goal that you can belive that you might want to achive one day.

Stick to the genre: An extra to the paragraph above! If your story is a love story, I hardly think that your character goal is to role the world. And if it does, I can’t belive that this goal won’t change when the story goes on into being with the love interest.

Remember- Goals might change: Just as in real life goals are change, the goals of your character can turn to something else, more over if we get new information. If the goal of your character is to save the family home, until one day they finds out that thier house is located inside of a haunted cemetery, it’s only make sence that thier goal would change to get rid of their house.

The motive always leads to the final goal: Characters usually knows what they wants and why, and those questions always related.

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