The Plot #1

So now after we talked about characters, let’s talk about something not less important for good story: the plot. The plot (or plots) are Plot the sequence of events inside a story where each event affects the next through the principle of cause-and-effect. Plots are usually about one character and their journey.

There are no limit to creativity of plots, and there are several stractures for those. In this post I’ll use pixar story telling structure (I’m not sure this is only pixar’s recipe, but I heared about this structure when I read about the company rules for story telling):

Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.

A good plot needs the following ingredients:

  1. The main character (Once upon a time there was): We needs a hero to move the story forword, someone that we would want to seesucceed. The action of this character would make the reader feel sad if they fail, or happy if they wins.
  2. A goal (Every day+One day): The character is face with a new challange that disterb their life. As a reault of that, the character would usually activly do something to bring back the balance to their life or work to change it to better. The goal can be to find a mystical object, to find a cure, to find love or more. As the story goes, you may find yourself switching the orginal goal with something new- and that’s fine. What most important is that the reader understand how completing this goal would change the main character’s life.
  3. Rival: A villan or opstical stand between the hero and their goal. It doesn’t have to be a human/monster/ect. It can be the voice inside the hero’s head, god, society or more. The rival is the thing your character/s needs to face again if they want to win. The more powerful and deep the rival would be, the more we would want to see the other character beats it (however, make sure that the rival really is fiting the story and not too cartoonish…)
  4. High point (Because of that): as a reader, we want to reader the struggle between the two forces. We want to read about the final battle, the end of the competition. And every step in the story building towerd the high point.
  5. Ending (Until finally): Every story has an end that makes the reader to feel that he didn’t went all this journy for nothing. We want to finish the story feeling we either failled with the main character or wan with him/her.

A good story can be build on one plot or more, but if none of those plot will be intresting thant the reader would never want to read about it. Your reader needs to find at least one thing that he can empithy with. He can understand the hero because he/she came across a rival like the one that the hero fighting against, they wanted a goal that is simmiler like getting exceppted to a dance school, and even if they don’t have magic in their life they felt the pain when another assiment they worked on went wrong.

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