The Plot #2

We talked on the basic ingredients of good classic plot and used pixar story telling structure to explain our story. Most stories that you read are probably following the last posts rulles as well. Many readers loves this story telling: It’s easy to follow, tells the basic of the story, very logical and can help us develop difficult conflicts in simple way.

Howevwr, not every story is told in the classical way. Some writers make their story too boring or predicted if it told the “normal way”, and instead of making their story stand up for it’s own makes it to get lost. What other structures can we use to tell our story?

Minimalist structure: Talk less, say more. There are some plot that should stay short. The minimalist story is shorter than the classic story, and more simplefied than the long story. This structure is fitting more for characters or idea than a long plot. The ending can stay open with unanswerd questions, and as a reasult can help the reader be more empathy for the hero. By giving up on conflict, high point and clear ending you can get your readers asks themselves questions. If you want to make your reader to asks themselves more questions and think more about the meaning behind your words, consider be more minimal in your writing.

Absurd structure: Let’s break the rulles! Do as we want! Samuel Beckett done it, so why can’t we? Some stories were born to be diffrent in their structers. The cynicals writers among you might love this genere. This stories are often focuse on a character or characters that stuck in situations with their own rules. Instead of easly related to the story, the readers more often intesepaite for something to happend when it’s not. The absurd genere is a mask for study of human behavior under circumstances (realistic or fantastical) that to the readr seems to be purposeless and philosophically absurd (that’s why the name). When you read absurd story, you feel like life has no meaning and if that characters gets so emotional about nothing, maybe your life are empty as well. The absurd story ignores every rule of the classical story telling and only focuse on the characters.

Monologues: Some stories are build from monologues only. Monologues of several characters that together building world, monologues of one character about a few things that happend in their life. Every monologue is focuse on small conflict, its own goal or rival, but when the reader finish your story they knows what the main idea that you wrote in all of thise monologues. A long novel that you have broke down to short stories.

Flash Fiction: For sale: baby shoes, never worn“. Ain’t that story got you chilled? Flash stories are extreamly short and gets you feel so much by telling so little. Flash fiction is also a great exercise for beginners.

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