The Plot #3

So we talked about pixar’s rulles for story telling. We talked about the clasical plot. We talked about the minimalist structure, absurd structure, monologues and flash fiction. All those forms of story telling I’ve posted here are based on reaserches and information that I’ve shared with you (In the way that I’ve understand those metheds and from my point of view, but none of those was mine to begin with).

Now I want to talk about a form of plot that worked best for me. If you heared or found this methed on any other article, I’ll be happy if you’ll share the link in the comment down below- I couldn’t find one that is precislly explain.

The best plot, in my opinion, is not the one that is based on any structure. I belive that the best plot comes when a writer simply has an idea- any idea, then they sit on their fat as and starts to write the story as fast as they can before they’ll lose it. This shouldn’t take too long in my opinion, something like a mounth or so. And then, when their story is finally writing down, they should read it over and over and then rewrite it.

Before you say that this sounds more like editing than story telling- you’re right and wrong. I belive that in the first draft, you writing things that are not fully devloped in your story. When you write the full story over and over you learn new stuff about it, and the more you rewrite it you want to add more details and ideas. To me, the best plot is a story that was born simply from the simplest idea, and slowly grew more and more.

When the book is finished and you give it to your beta reader, even they say that they don’t understand what was so good in this plot, that they couldn’t identify who was the hero or what is the villan goal- if they say that they had enjoyed it, that is what most important.

What is the best way to plan your plot? I think that the examples for structures that I given you are are great, but this is also the metheds that I came across while I’ve learnd independetly about writing. If you found more examples for story telling and plot structures, please share with us.

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