Writing Alone

Over the last few months I’ve invasted all of my spare time for my writing class. While over eight years I’ve wrote stories and published them online, I wanted to do something new and for my fun. My first class dealed with short stories, and the couurent one is about novella.

Writing alone and writing as a group are very diffrent things, and every writer has thier own preforred mathed. Here are some of the diffrence you might want to notice:

  • Time: Writing alone could be done at any time of the day, at any place, and with any tool. You can also hear music with your earphones or play a movie in the background. If you feel more inspire at the shower or on the toilet- you can write, and no one will stop you.
  • Feedback: Most of the feedback that you’ll would be from your family or friends, and even that not always. My family and friends did not read one word I had ever written down, since the hate to read and/or hate English. If you want a proffecional feedback you need to hire one, and not always for a fair price.
  • Reading out loud: One of the things that you often forget when you write alone is to read out loud for yourself what you wrote. Why? Because we embarreced to read it out loud, or because we think it’s not necessry, or more and and more why not.
  • Setting goals and achiving it: If you promised yourself that you’ll write everyday 1k words and failled, no one will ever know. We are much more forgiving to ourselves if we are the only one who knows what are goal is. Very offten you can miss a day, miss the final day or change the goal.
  • Exposser for new writing style: I know that most of you are reading books, but how oftten do you find yourself reading something new? When you write alone and you want to read so you can get inspired or get in the mood or so on, you most likely to choose something is fitting for your perssonal taste and would not read something you might never heared about it’s genere.
  • Social: I hadn’t noticed it until I’ve started the writing class, but when you write alone you more often find yourself lonely. Even if you do have a friend who writes, and can easily understand why are you so mad at your late writing block, when they are not acompany you with every step of your book it’s feels like the story is yours and yours only.
  • New ideas: When you write as a group and disscuse as a writers about your book, more often you find yourself finds new ideas that you probably wouldn’t even think about when you write alone. If you write alone, it’s best to talk sometimes about your book with someone who has no idea about the genere and hear yourself explain to him that out loud. You might get insperetion for new stuff from your conversetion.
  • Writing technique: Most of your knowledge about writing is come from stuff that you find on your own through reaserch. There are tones of great youtube channels and posts online that you can find it easily, and expirament yourself which one is best for you.

Final thoughts about writing alone: for me, writing alone is a very praivete thing. I think you’ll feel much more free to write down your story if you write it alone, and at least for the first draft you can try it. However, I do reccomend to try at least one writing class at least so you can do the process with someone alse, face to face. Next time I’ll publish here my thoughts about writing as a group.

And if you choose writing alone, what tools should we use? Google docs/Microsoft word, a small notebook to carry out everywhere, an app like “Writeometer” or “Writer Tools” so you can magger you progrcess and set goals, earphone and music, phone/laptop, and coffe/tea.

Shana Tova<3

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