Writing as a group

After- jewish- holidays happy to you all, and happy holidays! Some of you might started nanowrimo. I have too much on my plate now to start it, but hopefully next year I’ll do.

As for this year, like I posted last month, I write on my writing class and get’s inspiration with them. For the last six months I asking for free evening from work, taking the train and go for two hours class that its main focus is writing. For the first three months the main course was about short stories, and now I’m focused on writing a book. My aim was to find new and easier ways to write, but unfortunately the last three-month for me felt as a failover compare to the first class.

At any case, here are some things I found out about writing with a group:

  1. When your group is creative, the competition is bringing out the best of you. You know that some of them are better writers in the group, you want to impress them, and there for every week you try to excel than the last time.
  2. They can highlight stuff you couldn’t see in your story even better than your beta readers. On groups when everybody have to hear everybody, you get better criticism from giving your work to a friend or family.
  3. Some writers are strong about writing descriptions, some about writing humor, and some have strong dark twisted. When you all as group meets, you learn from them how to get better on those stuff as well and gets exposed for new ideas only from listening them.
  4. Writing prompts are fun when you do it for yourself, but when you do it as a group it is much more interesting to see where everyone takes it.
  5. Schedule is much more effective when you know someone is have to hear what you wrote.
  6. When you forced to hear different genres of writing every week, your own work soak some of it as well. From plain love story you might find yourself writing a bit about mystery, history, drama and horror. When you hold yourself and gives only as needed from everything, it can really add to your story.

What are you preffor? to write as a group or alone?

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