Update (Covid-19)

Wow. Wow. 2020 is a crazy year- and we are not in April yet. Who would have thought that with our tachnolagy, madicents, and meanings we still found ourselves dealing with a plague. And who could belive that this would be a global problem?

Every country has it’s ways to deal with the new threat, and here in Israel it started… odd. From 2019 we had no goverment when April 2019 elections failed, the re-elections in September 2019 failed as well, and last mounth we had third elections.

I’m working in a part time job as a chasier on a pharmesy called “Super Pharm”. When the Corona virus panic started I didn’t heard it from the news, I heard it from custermers who came to buy faciel masks and letex gloves. Back then it seemed like they were just hysteric, and I was too busy thinking about my exams. One worker in our pharmasy even took a vication aboard durnig this time abroad.

And then, then the new sanctions came. Over night my brother and parents heard that from now on they have to stay in our home. My exams got canceled, and at my work place I was needed more than ever when the other cashier got into isolate.

The worst part about this disaster, is to see the fear of the others. More and more people are scared. They run to buy more masks, alchogel, toilet paper, gloves, soaps and more. We getting asked with the same questions (some of those we have no training to answer), custemers mad at us daily, and the tention is thick in the air.

I hope you all healthy and well, and that your family didn’t got hurt by the virus! More over this, remeber that we will get over this disaster, for we are humans, and we are survivng and thriving creatures. Think on your mental health, and while we all need to follow the rulles for our safety, please try to stay cheer and optimists as you can!

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