Take Risks

The last few monthes of my life, regardless to the mess that is still happens in the world, were a mess. Overall this week is my final test for this year, and after that I’m hopping to update this blog more often.

This post is short, to help me retun to writing my opinions on writing and story telling. It’s for all those who have a dream, a story to tell that is not like any other, something diffrent and unick. So they coming to tell it to their close friend/ family memeber/ a passing person on the street and the reactions they get is…


There is something that all of you, friends, needs to understand: when the story is in your head, there is no way to know if it is a good or bad idea. This post is dedicated for you, to take the risk and dispate what everything everyone say, to develop the perfect plot.

1) Take risk and write down the idea on a blank page: When you see the idea writing down, you can identify the first plot holes in the story and decided if you would deal with it later or change it now. The first idea would never be perfect, and it’s fine because we arn’t searching for prefection at first.

2) Take risk and write the first draft of your story: Some writers like to prepare and edit before writing down the first draft, others do not, and that’s why I’m skipping in this post directly to write down the first draft. You can never know if idea would work from just “saying it” or “thinking it”. You have to write it down, completly, and only then you can know if the idea wirks or flop.

3) Take risk and change the plot: Reread everything that you have wrote and be critiqe to yourself. If needed, change. Don’t fell in love with the idea in your head. Listen to your inner voice that says, “it’s not good” and don’t be afriead to fix the plot.

4) Take risk and write a story that is not following the writing rulles: I’m not saying that you should not follow the rulles of strong openning, or charecter devlopment, but don’t go on the obviese plot point because those convenient. Try to give the original twist that you think the reader might hate. Kill important character. Challenge worlds order. Maybe your story is not a love triangle, but polyamory?

5) Take risk and rewrite the story over and over again: Now, after the first draft is out of the way, it’s time ti write the perfect draft. Don’t give up until it’s perfect.

6) Take risk and give your story a chance to written down: You’ll find later who your story is for. After you’ll write it down.

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